Fact Check: More than 50% of healthcare and sanitation workers do not remove personal protective equipment (PPE kit) correctly. (Ref Study)

PPE kit acts as a protective barrier against biohazard infection in the current COVID-19 scenario. Wearing and removing, or rather donning and doffing, disposable PPE kits helps in reducing contamination. Many organizations like World Health Organization (WHO) and US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have made instructions to help healthcare workers understand the steps easily. Based on those comprehensive instructions, we have compiled a step-by-step PPE doffing method:

  • Remove gloves without contamination of hands. One can use techniques like glove-in-glove or bird beak. Clean hands with alcohol gel for hand hygiene.
  • Remove gown by untying the ties or buttons. Avoid forceful movements. A suggested way: “Reach up to the shoulders and pull down the gown away from your body carefully. Dispose of the gown in a trash receptacle.”
  • Remove goggles or face shield carefully by grabbing the strap and pulling upwards from the head. It is advisable not to touch the front of Google and face shield.
  • Remove and discard the facemask or respirator without touching the front of the same. Perform hand hygiene with disinfectant soap and water.

Here is a graphics to depict the steps of PPE kit removal:

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