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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is mainly characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis for a longer span, which can ultimately lead to impotence. Although not life-threatening by itself, ED is a strong predictor of high mortality diseases such as coronary artery diseases, cardiovascular diseases. While the majority of the Erectile Dysfunction patients is treated with currently available medications, approximately 70% remain unresponsive to it. Apart from this, all the treatment options like penile implants can treat only symptoms and not the underlying causes. But the research efforts for finding an alternative therapy, have laid a foundation towards finding a long-term solution that can reverse the pathogenesis of Erectile Dysfunction and thereby restore the patient’s ability to achieve a natural erection

Conventional treatments for Erectile Dysfunction have limited effects on the management of symptoms or improvement in the quality of life. With alternative therapeutics boosting the functional capacity to trigger the repair of damaged or weakened penile tissues, there is a new hope for erectile dysfunction.

Alternative Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Alternative Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

For erectile dysfunction patients, Advancells has come up with alternative therapy using stromal cells which, apart from giving rise to healthy tissues and blood vessels, also have a unique potential to repair and rejuvenate the microenvironment. This alternative therapy is not a temporary solution but a long-term goal; through which it is possible to live a better and healthy life naturally.

The whole procedure can be summarized in 6 easy steps:

  • 1. Patient assessment for the therapy.
  • 2. Application of local anesthesia.
  • 3. Collection of bone marrow/adipose tissue.
  • 4. Processing and Isolation of SVF.
  • 5. Site-specific re-infusion in Patient’s body.
  • 6. Follow-up of the patients.

Patient Testimonial

L.N., 34 years

Mr L.N., 34 years, was a healthy man with good physique and health but suddenly he realized that he was having erectile problems and consulted a doctor who diagnosed him with erectile dysfunction. He started searching online for a permanent cure of this problem and stumbled upon the role of alternative therapies.

During the treatment procedure, he observed no severe adverse reactions and went back home, stable. In about 2-3 months there was discernible difference and he started having morning erection and there was 70% improvement in the quality of erection, which is regarded as a significant progress.

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