Product Code: ADC/VTM/20

Product Description

The clinical success of SARS-CoV2 diagnosis depends majorly on specimen quality and the conditions of transport and storage. Viral Transport Medium (VTM) plays a crucial role by allowing safe transfer of the virus load in specimen for research and diagnosis in laboratory.

Advancells TM VTM is specially formulated for viral load collection and transportation, especially COVID-19, to maintain optimum viral viability in the sample. Abiding by WHO and CDC guidelines, our high-quality product contains specific protective anti-microbial proteins to control contamination and maintain pH. Advancells TM VTM is also compatible with multiple swab types and has been tested to maintain functionality for at least four months at room temperature.

Quality Control

We believe in maintaining the best quality standards in our VTM Kits for optimum clinical efficiency. Here are some major quality control advantages we guarantee:

  • pH at 25°C : Maintains a pH of 7.4 ± 0.2.
  • Osmolality (mOsm/kg H20): Maintains at 270mOsm-290mOsm.
  • Sterility : No bacterial or fungal growth observed after 14 days of incubation.
  • QC Certificate: Third party quality control certificate with each product batch.

Shelf Life and Storage

Advancells TM VTM kits have an extended shelf life period of 12 months and should be stored at 15- 30°C for usage before product label expiry date.

Swab Options

Our VTM kits include sterile, individually wrapped specimen swabs for Nasal and Throat specimen with three swab options:

  • Cotton Swabs
  • Polyester Swabs
  • Nylon Swabs

Packaging Options

The product batch is packaged with 50pcs per box. Each packed piece contains 3 ml of VTM in a 15 mL sterile centrifuge tube and 2 sterile, single packed swabs without breakpoint.


Advancells is proud to manufacture customized VTM within 24 hours of placing orders. In case of using the medium for viral transportation, the recommended storage temperature after specimen collection is 2-8 degree Celsius for a processing time of 72 hours.

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